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website-trafficsDo you know that single, tiny error on just one of your pages and will cause your entire site to be pushed down in the search ranking, losing 90% of the traffic.

Obviously, all that new content you worked so hard to post shows on page 20, 50, or even 1,000 while some other website gets on page 1 with horrible design, terrible or even duplicate content.

It would be nice if Google could just tell you exactly what you need to do on your site to improve your ranking?

I can analyze your site and instantly tell you exactly what to change in order to get to the first page of Google – increase your organic traffic.

Making these small changes to your site can have shocking results:

I have conducted this on dozens of sites, and made a few critical discoveries:

website Analysis 6
Discovery #1:
Over 90% of websites tested had at least 3 things that could immediately boost their Google rank, and potentially double their organic traffic.

Discovery #2: The average site was only getting half the amount of unique visitors it should be. (little-known Google penalties were holding them back from their real potential)

Discovery #3: Sites using WordPress are broken by default, and are getting penalized by Google as soon as WordPress is installed. (You must change a few default settings before you add content to a WordPress blog or risk getting penalized.)


  • Provide one website address per coupon. Example www.nolconcepts.com
  • We will scan your entire website and generates a full report with step-by-step instructions to improve your rank in Google’s index.
  • The report will be sent to you (PDF and Excel))
  • All you have to do is follow the instructions (you may need your web masters assistance or contact us and it will be done at a fee) and make the small on-page ‘tweaks’ this software recommends.
  • You will see a massive boost in organic traffic in as little as 7 days after implementing the report


Cost: N2,500 (value N15,000)

Pay into any GTBANK


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